Arts Health Practice

Simply put, arts health practice is 'art with a heart'! Art has always been known and used for its health-enhancing qualities but now we have the research, evidence base and techniques to put it into further action. The government has recently initiated a scheme called 'social prescribing' which will see the NHS and other public health services encourage and improve access to the arts for different health conditions. Examples such as singing for better lung capacity, and dancing to improve co-ordination in dementia are proving to be popular and very useful.

I have a general interest and knowledge of arts health as a whole but I am particularly interested in reading and writing for wellbeing. I am especially interested in poetry and stress reduction, or poetry for improving wellbeing. I am currently studying MA Arts Health and researching poetry and stress reduction for MS patients.

I have designed and facilitated writing workshops for the Burnley Literary Festival, Lancashire Women's Centre and the Pendleside hospice with the aim to improve wellbeing.

I'm happy to discuss working on further writing and reading for wellbeing projects locally.


"Your time spent with us was really appreciated and we loved having you here. You made people feel at ease with no pressures and I feel the patients really got into the sessions on both days. Some reluctantly at first but when eased in I know they got something from the session."

Gemma, activities coordinator at the Pendleside Hospice